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  • Red Box Iphone Web Application

    With the release of Iphone OS 3.0 and the new Safari for the IPhone, I have made some modifications to the RedBox Web Application. Now it uses (optionally on by default) the Geolocation service of the new safari browser to locate a user and then determines the users zip code from this location.

  • RedBox IPhone Application

    I have released an additional change to the RedBox Iphone Application. This change allows for filtering of the items based on ratings.  If you only want to see G and PG movies then select those if you just want to see R movies select those. Coming Soon… The new IPhone OS 3.0 should be coming out…

  • Iphone Web App

    This is just formally to announce that I placed the RedBox Application into Apples Web Apps.  I have seen quite a few hits from this as well… Page: http://iphone.justplainfishermen.com/redbox/

  • RedBox Iphone User interface

    [gview file=”https://docs.google.com/present/embed?id=dd779pwn_2jgj4qcdn“]     Presentation on RedBox IPhone with screen shots of the User Interface Open letter to RedBox: Dear Sir, To begin with I want to let you know how pleased I have been with the Redbox video rentals, for their convenience and their affordability.   I only have one complaint the website, when I…

  • IPhone Web Application

    I have been currently working on a web application for the iPhone in my spare time.  It feeds off the data feed of a popular kiosk based video rental site. Some of the interesting things I have used in the endeavor have been a proxy application to facilitate cross domain requests.  The use of the iPhone/Safari’s…