Red Box Iphone Web Application

With the release of Iphone OS 3.0 and the new Safari for the IPhone, I have made some modifications to the RedBox Web Application. Now it uses (optionally on by default) the Geolocation service of the new safari browser to locate a user and then determines the users zip code from this location.

RedBox IPhone Application

I have released an additional change to the RedBox Iphone Application.
This change allows for filtering of the items based on ratings.  If you only want to see G and PG movies then select those if you just want to see R movies select those.
Coming Soon…
The new IPhone OS 3.0 should be coming out this week and I will begin experimenting with GeoLocation and seeing if I can use this to show RedBoxes in your general vacinity.

RedBox Iphone User interface

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Presentation on RedBox IPhone with screen shots of the User Interface

Open letter to RedBox:

Dear Sir,

To begin with I want to let you know how pleased I have been with the Redbox video rentals, for their convenience and their affordability.


I only have one complaint the website, when I drive by a rd box location on a whim I might want to rent something. There is the online rental website which works pretty well on a PC, but on a phone, when you are on the go, it just doesn’t work as well. It is slow and large, and difficult to navigate. I have developed an application for the forerunner in the personal smart phone markets, the Apple iPhone.


The application I have written feeds off your existing javascript API that you have exposed on your website.


It facilitates the following:

  • Viewing of movies in chronological order or alphabetical order
  • Viewing of Redboxes within a perimeter of a zip code
  • Displaying movies available in a particular Redbox
  • Displaying the local Redboxes that contain a particular movie
  • Changing the effected zip code
  • Launching your website when a person is ready to rent from Redbox


So now comes the point of my inquiry, I was wondering if Redbox may be interested in viewing and acquiring the technology I have come up with. I think it could increase the number of rentals and also create a more satisfied customer.


Thank you,


Michael P. Schmidt
Software Engineer

IPhone Web Application

I have been currently working on a web application for the iPhone in my spare time.  It feeds off the data feed of a popular kiosk based video rental site.
Some of the interesting things I have used in the endeavor have been a proxy application to facilitate cross domain requests.  The use of the iPhone/Safari’s built in database for local client storage as well as data combination.
This allowed for the caching of large datasets to decrease overall bandwidth.
I have a few finishing touches before it becomes finalized.

Saturday Push Day (Chest and Shoulders)

Saturday Push Day was performed on Monday due to helping a friend remodel his kitchen.

Things done this morning included:

  • Chest Flies (laying down on bench)  ( 45 lbs )
  • Dips
  • Bench Press ( 35 lbs each side )
  • Machine Inclinded Press ( 40 lbs? )
  • Machine Military Press (Shoulder Press) ( 40 lbs? )
  • Machine Chest Press ( 45 lbs)
  • Machine Tricep Extensions ( 55 lbs)
  • Horizontal Raises ( 25 lbs)
  • MTS Abdominal Crunches ( 60 lbs )

Gym Schedule Thursdays – Legs & Abs

This morning at the Gym was Legs & Abdominals.

  • Treadmill ( 1 mile )
  • Squats ( 25 lbs )
  • MTS Leg Extensions (60 lbs * 2= 120 lbs)
  • Seated Leg Curl ( 135 lbs )
  • Hip Adductor ( 275 lbs )
  • Hip Abductor ( 275 lbs )
  • Calf Extensions ( 170 lbs )
  • Ab Crunches
  • Inclined Situps ( + 35 lbs )
  • MTS AbCrucnhes ( 50 lbs )
  • Torso Rotation ( 170 lbs )

Gym Schedule Tuesdays — Pull Day

I went to the gym this morning here is the different workouts I preformed.
It was pull day where we work on our Rows and Curls.

  • Treadmill – 12 minutes watched Lilo and Stitch while running/jogging/walking
  • Chinups (assisted) – 20 lbs assistance
  • Pull Down (machine) – 130 lbs
  • Vertical Arm Barbell Rows (barbell) 60 lbs
  • Single arm dumbbell rows (bench assisted) 45 lbs
  • Horizontal Machine Rows – 130 lbs
  • Vertical Machine Rows – 130 lbs
  • Bicep Curl (machine ) 80 lbs
  • Bicep Curl ( barbell ) 50 lbs
  • Reverse Curl (barbell) 50 lbs
  • Standing Hammer Curl (skipped)